Create An Equitable Business Culture With Our Identity Navigation For Businesses.

We work towards cultural humility and representation. In order for a workplace to flourish, it must not work towards diversity alone, but continually reevaluate identity representation in decision-making roles, explicit and implicit norms of the work culture, and emotional and physical safety for all employees. Without intentionally safe spaces, structures, and supports, diversity and inclusion is merely lip service and can create further conflicts and traumatizing work environments.

2024 Course Descriptions

Identity Navigation For Professionals: Creating An Equitable Business Culture

In this course, representatives from any size business will navigate the roles that their own identities and behaviors play in business culture. Participants will recognize how to undo many forms of oppression in their work environments. These conversations are essential for leaders and managers who seek to cultivate safe and healthy spaces that allow for a truly inclusive business. Business is a practice and a reflection of the culture we live in. Often it seems impossible to operate in meaningful and healthy ways, especially in an industrialized capitalist system that has taught us that oppressing people is the only way to build “productivity”. This course will outline alternatives to build a business practice that addresses inequities by identifying how each of us is complicit in oppressing others and ourselves at the same time. Businesses are comprised of individuals, therefore we must address individual identity so that we can move communal spaces forward while setting new examples societally.



Business Identity Navigation

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What Is It Like Working With Us?

How is The Good Peoples Group and Center on Interracial Relationships team unique? What makes our team uniquely suited to do the job?

We practice what we preach! The Good Peoples Group and CIR are what a truly diverse working community looks like. We are intentional about building a team that brings multiple lived experiences and skills to the table that holds us to a level of accountability and transparency that fuels our work. We’re a team of individuals rooted in the same framework of understanding about power dynamics, undoing oppression, and the importance of identity navigation work.

What can I expect when working with The Good Peoples Group and CIR?

Expect to be challenged, in a good way. Maybe you’ll even confront a fear or two. We’ll give you the opportunity to try things on for size, to think about things in a different way. We’ll give you permission to be deeply honest with yourself. We at TGPG will believe in the power of transparency and accountability — we don’t expect clients to go on this journey if we aren’t on it ourselves.

“My company already has a diverse staff–what would we gain from working with The Good Peoples Group?”

There’s much more to inclusivity than how your staff appears on the outside. True inclusivity is reflected in decisions and actions from top to bottom. Would every employee say that they feel ownership of the company on some level? Would they say they feel empowered and heard?

How will we measure our impact/know if it’s working? How quickly will change happen?

Our own mindsets are powerful catalysts for change. We believe change happens at a rate that matches how quickly you build open, honest relationships with yourself and others. The more people on your team that do this work, the more quickly you’ll see results.

As an executive, how will this work change the way I’m viewed by my staff, customers, shareholders, etc.?

Identity navigation will transform you in the best possible way. We can’t predict how every employee or shareholder will respond to you, but we can assure you that doing this work will help you build meaningful relationships with others, even when you don’t spend much time together. The result? People will respect you for the leader you are: someone who shows strength by sharing power, asking for help, leading by example, and truly developing people.

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